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Hi! I’m Mander and I’m going to be a sophomore at Chapelgate Christian Academy this coming school year. Yes! I’m not at the bottom of the food chain anymore! 😉 I am so excited and eager to see how God will be working in our AIX-ceptional team and how lives will be touched in Aix en Provence. Our God is so powerful and almighty yet He has the softness and gentleness to love each and every person-young and old.


poopy ruv (cock head to left for best viewing)

I hope the children at the day camp we will be working with will know and believe that truth. I am also so pumped to see what big and unbelievable things God will do in Europe, since Europe is straying away from Jesus Christ more and more everyday.  I just can’t wait to see the Kingdom of God grow exponentially and uncontrollably.

Katie (:

536849_469741469736226_1917689153_nHey!! I’m Katie Sheng, one of Tony’s daughters and right now I’m a freshman at Atholton High School. This year, being my first year in high school, I have seen a completely new need for love and grace among people I see everyday that I never really understood before. This makes me so motivated for the summer, seeing people learn about a God that loves unconditionally. I’ll be traveling to Aix, France and Phoenix, Arizona this summer and I can’t wait to see the ways each of these churches is reaching out into their community and proclaiming God’s story to the people they’re serving. The camp in Aix is going to be wonderful- I’m excited to meet new people and be a small part of the love that ICCP is pouring into Aix. The Ember team is amazing and I hope this trip will be a catalyst for change in Howard County as our team brings back the perspective and spirit of living with a mission.