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Measu (may-soo) :)

Hey, I’m Measu Bellay. I’m a junior in high school and this is going to be my third mission trip. I’m so AIXited about serving the people of France this summer. I would have never thought that I’d be going on a mission trip to Europe in my life. However, God has a way of planning things a little differently than I do.meeee Not till recently did I begin to realize the decline of Christianity in Europe, and how important it is to reach them. I’m so excited to serve with the youth of Aix and expose them to the amazing love of God through the camp at ICCP. I love the idea of investing in the youth of the area by planting seeds in a Post- Christian country. I pray the Lord will guide us in the right directions, and that we grasp the importance of reaching out to people that have not been exposed to Christianity. I hope to gain understanding of the situation in Europe, and learn how to use Christ’s love to expose people to His greatness. I’m so excited for the plans that God has for this team and cannot wait to serve his people. 🙂 


Hey, I’m Deanna!  And I’m about to graduate High School and go to Towson! Whoo hoo! So I’m really excited to be a part this team and a part of the summer camp in Aix. I want to be an elementary school teacher, so I can’t wait to meet and get to know the kids. I really hope that this team will change the lives of the kids who attend camp and their parents; i really love the idea of

I'm on the right:)

I’m on the right:)

reaching an area through the younger generations so that their mindsets and attitudes change. I also want to see how this camp works because I want to one day be a missionary, which will probably involve kids and teaching because they’re my passions! I just really can’t wait to see what God has in store for this team and for the kids that come to camp. I really want to see the glory of God revealed!