hopeHi guys!┬áMy name is Hope Koumentakos and I am currently a junior in high school. I’m super excited about this “Ember X” Trip to France because although I’ve been to Europe before, I have never visited with a missions mindset. After interning with the Ember Cast for a little while now, I’ve been able to learn so much about how historically, cultural trends in Europe foreshadow what will soon happen in the United States. Since Europe has developed a Post-Christian and Post-Modern mindset where absolute truths and religion are often purposely avoided and denounced, I pray that the Lord will help me to grasp the urgency of the Great Commission, especially in western civilizations. I hope that I will learn a lot on this trip, form bonds with my AMAZING team, grow in my faith, and learn more about how Jesus wants to use me on this Earth and how I can lead others with love.



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  1. Teal Rapp

    Looking forward to meeting you, Hope! Great insight about cultural trends in Europe foreshadowing what will happen in the US!


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