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hopeHi guys! My name is Hope Koumentakos and I am currently a junior in high school. I’m super excited about this “Ember X” Trip to France because although I’ve been to Europe before, I have never visited with a missions mindset. After interning with the Ember Cast for a little while now, I’ve been able to learn so much about how historically, cultural trends in Europe foreshadow what will soon happen in the United States. Since Europe has developed a Post-Christian and Post-Modern mindset where absolute truths and religion are often purposely avoided and denounced, I pray that the Lord will help me to grasp the urgency of the Great Commission, especially in western civilizations. I hope that I will learn a lot on this trip, form bonds with my AMAZING team, grow in my faith, and learn more about how Jesus wants to use me on this Earth and how I can lead others with love.




Hi all….

Tony Sheng here. I’m one of the leaders of this team and super excited for our team as we prepare and for our time in France. I’m way futuristic which is part of what drives this team for me so although some team leaders in my role would be happy with a great experience, I’m looking at maybe a few hundred years down the road. Weird I know… what will define this experience for me is  how well the future has changed because of this team. Who are the people that have changed, what elements of culture have been redefined because of this team, what kind of initiatives to affect humanity have been started by people on our team or mentored by team members. 500 years is a long time…. but only if you focus on the days.